There are a range of training opportunities available to staff and volunteers working with children and young people in Wandsworth, as well for those working with adults who are parents or caring for children.


WSCP Annual Conference

This year's conference will be held virtually, on 19 October 2020, from 9am to 4.30pm. 

It will focus on the key learning from 5 serious case Reviews. We will hear from key safeguarding and child protection experts regarding the children's journeys. The afternoon will be a series of workshops focussing on the themes and key learning from each of the serious case reviews.

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Multi-Agency Training Programme

Staff can apply for training via the Wandsworth Training and Professional Development Online (TPD Online) website. There are different training courses which you will find useful depending on your role and responsibility.

To view the training offer, please go to the website: Wandsworth TPD Online

New users will need to register on the site to access the training courses.

The courses on offer are categorised according to the relevance to the various organisations that work with children and young people in Wandsworth. There are basic awareness courses as well as more advanced training. Each course is described in detail on TPD Online and states which staff will find the training relevant. However, all applicants should discuss and agree with their supervisor or manager the courses they wish to attend before requesting a place. Managers or supervisors, known as TPD Leads on TPD Online, will be asked to approve applications.

The Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Partnership is committed to improving practice in the children and young people's workforce and achieving better outcomes for children and young people through training and development. It is important to measure the impact of training; therefore all those who participate in training will be expected to give feed back on how useful they found the course they attended and how much difference it has made to how well they do their job.


If you have any problems using the TPD website, please contact

Virtual Training and maintaining CPD during COVID-19 and beyond

Find out about our extensive range of virtual and online training available for booking via our website Training and Professional Development online (TPD Online). All the training facilitators have reviewed the courses so they can be offered in a virtual environment.

Visit TPD Online on a regular basis and set your preferences to learn about new courses being published. 

Virtual learning works better in shorter timeframes such as 3-hours or half day. You will notice that many of the courses are spread over two days to enable you to stay focused and lessen the overwhelm of screen time. 

Once you have booked on a course and it has been authorised by your manager,  you will receive confirmation of your place on the course ten days before the start date and a Microsoft Team calendar invite to join the course. Also, on rare occasions you may get a notification on Zoom. 

Multi-agency Safeguarding Training Strategy

The Strategy provides the framework and direction for developing the workforces over the next two years to ensure it is competent and confident to safeguarding children and young people. 

The Multi-agency Safeguarding Training Strategy aims to help the workforce to create changes that will improve the outcomes for Wandsworth children and young people.

View the Multi-agency Safeguarding Training Strategy.

Training for volunteers

This briefing will give volunteers information on:

  • The different types of abuse
  • What you should do if you have concerns about a child or vulnerable adult
  • What you should do if you have concerns about a volunteer
  • What happens once you have informed someone about those concerns

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