Partnership members

The Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Partnership Executive has members from the Council, NHS Merton and Wandsworth CCG, Metropolitan Police and education sector.



Wandsworth Council

  • Paul Martin, Chief Executive

Who has delegated his authority to:

  • John Johnson, Director Children's Services

Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Sarah Blow, Accountable Officer, NHS Merton and Wandsworth CCG

Who has delegated her authority to:

  • Julie Hesketh, Director of Quality and Governance, NHS Merton and Wandsworth CCG

Metropolitan Police

  • Sally Benatar, BCU Commander for South West London

Who has delegated her authority to:

  • Owain Richards, Detective Superintendent, Head of Safeguarding, SW London

Advisory standing members

  • Ruth Husdon or Pat Andre-Watson, Headteacher, Co-Chairs of Primary Heads Safeguarding Forum
  • Andre Bailey, Principal, Nightingale Community Academy

Relevant agencies

For local arrangements to be effective, there needs to be engagement with organisations and agencies who can work in a collaborative way to provide targeted support to children and families as appropriate. These are referred to as the relevant agencies.

The relevant agencies for our multi-agency safeguarding arrangements in Wandsworth are:

  • Wandsworth Council:
    • Public Health
    • Children’s Services
    • Adult Services
    • Housing
    • Community Safety
    • Youth Offending
  • Wandsworth CCG
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Each Early Years Provider
  • Each Primary School
  • Each Secondary School
  • Each Special School
  • Each 16 to 18 Education Provider
  • Each Independent School
  • Alternative Providers
  • National Probation Service
  • London Probation Service - Community Rehabilitation Company
  • Central London Community Healthcare Trust
  • St George’s NHS Trust
  • SW London and St George’s Mental Health Trust
  • Each private health provider
  • For each health provider – the named health professionals
  • London Ambulance Service
  • Each voluntary sector provider for children
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Each children’s home provider
  • HM Prison Wandsworth